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The market of personal care packaging is enlarging continuously

Nov. 14, 2019

The report from PMMI shows the increase of personal care will be approximate to 5.5% in 2019, it analysis the developing trends, and the commercial opportunities brings for the material suppliers.

Bottles make up 30% of the personal care packaging, and keep on growing, the growth is estimated to reach 128% in 2019, bottles will become most common in the market. For material, plastic is undoubted the most commonly used in personal care packaging, about 61% of the industry, PMMI report indicates the usage of plastic will continue to keep ahead, and reach to a increase of 12% in 2019.

In recent, many brands are seeking to design the package of more eco-friendly by using less material, on one hand, we can reduce the waste, on the other hand, this can satisfy the consumers' needs of convenience and portability.

Over the next few years, the growth in Asia-Pacific and Latin-America marketing will greater than those developed market like North America and Europe. Focusing on sustainable development, evaluation of consumers' needs, innovation of material, flexible machinery and globalization are all promoting the develop of personal care.

The report also indicates the biggest advantage of personal care industry is that can be open to change flexibly according to the requirements of consumers.

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